R&S is pleased to offer a complete line of commercial door products to fulfill any of your commercial type needs. Whether a door is needed for a storage facility, warehouse, or dock, these high quality doors will provide years of worry-free operation. We offer new construction installations as well as replacements and service to all. Contact us today for a free on site job inspection or for more detailed information on any of our commercial product line.

Rolling Doors

For more than six decades, R&S has been a trusted manufacturer of steel rolling doors. Our comprehensive range includes weather-stripped, insulated, and aluminum service doors. Whatever your specific service door needs or environmental demands, R&S is here to deliver the perfect solution.

Roll Up Curtain Doors

We provide roll-up curtain doors, mullions, and header panels designed for self-storage purposes. Whether it’s for new construction or replacements, R&S meets the demand for secure, efficient, space-saving closures, all while offering exceptional affordability and value.

Sectional Overhead Doors

R&S offers its own line of sectional doors as well as doors from several of the top manufacturers to provide the utmost quality in sectional door applications. Careful attention to detail, highest quality construction and unique features are built into each and every door assuring reliability and long life. 

Fire Rated Doors

R&S Fire Rated Doors combine the durability, security, efficiency and space saving advantages of a rolling door with the added life and property saving benefits of automatic fire protection. Click here to learn more!

High Speed Doors

We offer a selection of high-speed and rapid roll-up doors crafted by Dynaco, a leader in the high-speed door industry with over two decades of expertise. Dynaco doors stand out as the epitome of technical excellence and durability.

Specialty Applications

We offer several doors for speciality applications. Some of these include, hangar doors, security grills, strip doors and cooler doors.

Security Shutters

Looking for protection against vandalism, theft or break-ins? By safeguarding your property with security shutters, you not only shield your valuable assets but also preserve your peace of mind, ensuring that your business remains secure.

Underground Parking

Underground parking garage doors provide security for residents, customers, employees or visitors. R&S offers the products you need to keep your tenants and your building safe and secure.

Truck Door Service

We provide comprehensive service for overhead truck doors, addressing issues such as broken springs, dislodged cables, or damaged panels with expert solutions. Reach out to us today for further details on our truck door services or available parts.