We Offer Service, Maintenance & Repair to All Types of Commercial Doors.

R&S offers service to all types of commercial rolling doors, hollow metal doors, glass storefront doors and dock equipment. We are a one-stop shop for your business’ door and docks. Our technicians attend regular hands on trainings to keep up to date on today’s technology. Call or email us today for any of your commercial service needs.

We advise scheduling maintenance for your door annually for standard doors and biannually for carriage house doors. Feel free to consult with a certified R&S technician to have your commercial door inspected and serviced, guaranteeing safey and efficient operation!

As a homeowner, there are certain safety and maintenance tasks for your garage door system that you can handle yourself. If you’re not confident in performing these tasks, feel free to seek assistance from a trained R&S service technician! A Service, Lube and Adjust visit will include:

  • Door Stuck Open
  • Broken Spring
  • Door Hit by Forklift
  • Door Stuck Shut
  • Remotes/Wall Button Not Working
  • Damaged Slat
  • Dock Plate Lip Broken
  • Damaged Sections
  • Entry Door Slamming Shut

Reasons why a Preventative Maintenance plan with R&S is a good idea.

  • Saves you money by helping to eliminate larger more costly problems before they arise.
  • Keeps your business running efficiently by keeping your doors and gates up and running with less down time.
  • Safety first! Commercial rolling doors, automatic gates and dock equipment can be a safety issue if not properly maintained.

How to pick the right Preventative Maintenance Plan:

How much use do your doors/gates get?

The more use the more often the door/gate should be maintained.

How big are your doors? How long is your gate?

Large, heavy doors or gates should be maintained more regularly than smaller ones.

Is it a fire-rated door?

Fire-rated doors are required to be test fired once a year by a professional.

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