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R&S offers professional automatic gate service for all types of gates and most brands of automatic openers. Our staff is fully trained to keep your gate system running smooth and most importantly safe. When it comes to automatic gates safety is our priority. Call or email us today for a service call and more information on our safety program.


Safety First!

  • These pamphlets should be handed out to all tenants of any building that has an automatic gate.
  • Gate safety signs should be on all automatic gates to warn of the dangers of each type of automatic gate.

For The Gate Owner


For The Gate User



Common Gate Problems

  • Broken spring
  • Gate won’t close / stuck open
  • Remotes or Key Fobs don’t work
  • Gate only opens part way
  • Broken wheels
  • Loose chain
  • Gear box leaking
  • Etc

We offer fast, reliable service 24 hours a day.

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Maintenance is the key to keeping your automatic gate system running smooth. We offer a Preventative Maintenance (PM) service to keep repair costs down. With the R&S PM plan you choose how often and we do the rest. Leave the planning and care to us. Call or email us for more information on a PM plan for your automatic gate.

Picking the right PM plan for your gate.

  1. How much use does your gate get?
    1. The more use the more often it should be maintained.
    2. Residential homes get used less than apartment buildings.
  2. How many tenants are relying on the gate?
    1.  The more tenants the more often it should be maintained.
    2. More tenants, means more use and more people relying on a safe properly operating gate.
  3. How big are your gates?
    1. Large, heavy gates should be maintained more than smaller ones.

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